5 Work from Home Healthcare Jobs

When you think of a career in healthcare, your mind likely gravitates toward images of hospitals and doctor’s offices. However, there are quite a few positions you can find yourself in that enable you to put on your nicest pair of sweatpants and hunker down on your sofa. Yes, we’re talking about working from home, or, really, from anywhere in the world. Here are five positions to consider, if you crave flexibility and the ability to wear sweatpants while you earn a living.

Patient Services Specialist

Responsibilities Include: Taking phone calls, scheduling patient appointments, checking patient insurance eligibility and benefits, managing patient accounts, and obtaining patient data.
Average Salary: $24,511-$41,360

Certified Medical Coder

Responsibilities Include: Correctly converting patient information into standardized codes for documentation and to file claims to receive reimbursement from insurance companies.
Average Salary: $30,196 – $58,419

Patient Advocate

Responsibilities Include: Working closely with patients and their families to explain financial information, address their concerns and complaints, and to help them understand their medical rights.
Average Salary: $26,206 – $56,499

Licensed Insurance Agent

Responsibilities Include: Working with clients to understand their health insurance needs and coverage, as well as helping them to settle any claims.
Average Salary: $35,588 – $63,112

Healthcare Recruiter

Responsibilities Include: Serving as an intermediary between job seekers and healthcare organizations during the hiring process, including reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and negotiating salaries.
Average Salary: $33,000 – $68,000

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    I was a Patient Services Specialist for a Physicians Office in Florida and I live up of state. This is a very good way to be able to work from home. Everything was set up as if I was working in the office and it worked out great. I would love to do this again. I set appointments and registered the patients and obtained all of their Insurance information, called and verified their insurance, completed a worksheet and entered the worksheet to the patient’s chart so everyone concerned would have access to it. Once I verified insurance with the insurance companies the information was entered on the worksheet. My phone was set up directly with the office and I was able to transfer any calls to the office manager or physician as needed. This is a very good way for an office to be set up.

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