The 5 Most In-Demand Healthcare Positions

The healthcare sector lost 30,000 jobs in January, the first major drop in employment for the industry since the 1.4 million jobs lost as the pandemic took hold in April of 2020, according to the latest jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is not to say the industry, as a whole, is struggling, though. Despite the decline, there are still plenty of positions that are greatly needed. Here are the top five most in-demand healthcare jobs available right now, according to data from our jobs site.

1. Registered Nurse

Number of Openings: 49,426
States Where Demand Is Highest: California, Florida, Texas
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2. Licensed Practical Nurse

Number of Openings: 8,236
States Where Demand Is Highest: Pennsylvania, Florida, Massachusetts
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3. Physician

Number of Openings: 6,599
States Where Demand Is Highest: California, Pennsylvania, Texas
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4. Certified Nursing Assistant

Number of Openings: 5,700
States Where Demand Is Highest: Florida, Pennsylvania, California
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5. Speech Language Pathologist

Number of Openings: 5,617
States Where Demand Is Highest: California, Texas, North Carolina
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