Top 5 In-Demand Healthcare Positions

The U.S. economy grew beyond pre-pandemic size with 6.5% growth in the second quarter, signaling a “return to normal” for many. However, as the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus spreads wildly throughout the country, “normal” still seems a bit far off in the halls of our nation’s hospitals and healthcare facilities. Because of this, demand remains high for many healthcare occupations, with more than 1.5 million jobs available on our jobs site alone.

Here are the top five most in-demand healthcare jobs available right now, according to data from our jobs site.

1. Registered Nurse

Number of Openings: 197,521
States Where Demand Is Highest: California, Florida, Texas
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2. Speech Language Pathologist

Number of Openings: 29,385
States Where Demand Is Highest: California, Texas, Georgia
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3. Licensed Practical Nurse

Number of Openings: 24,915
States Where Demand Is Highest: Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio
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4. Certified Nursing Assistant

Number of Openings: 17,891
States Where Demand Is Highest: Florida, Pennsylvania, California
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5. Physician

Number of Openings: 13,321
States Where Demand Is Highest: California, Florida, Pennsylvania
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