Mental Health Roles to Help Those Struggling This 2021 Holiday Season

During a typical holiday season, many look forward to festivities and reunions with friends and family. For others, though, it is a time of year marked by an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression. With all that has happened this year, many more may feel this way as the holidays approach. This is what makes Mental Health so important.

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, cases are increasing across the country again after travel and indoor gatherings for Thanksgiving, and the numbers are expected to continue rising as Christmas and other winter holidays approach. Even with the vaccines, caution still seems to be one of the best ways to stay safe. Couple that employment issues like job loss or reduction, and the many who are still grieving the loss of loved ones to COVID-19,  it’s easy to see why it might tough for some to be merry and bright this year.

Though there is typically an increased need for mental health services during the holiday season, this year, it is very likely there will be an even larger boom in demand. If you find yourself wanting to aid those in need during the holidays and beyond, consider these five roles in mental health care.

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Average Salary: $106,033
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Mental Health Registered Nurse

Average Salary: $61,736
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Licensed Mental Health Therapist

Average Salary: $64,282
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Social Worker

Average Salary: $61,230
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Mental Health Technician

Average Salary: $33,780
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