Why More Men Are Becoming Nurses

By Harper Harmon

Although long stereotyped as women’s work, more and more men are breaking into the field of nursing. The field is still heavily dominated by women, but in recent years the gap is beginning to close. These are just a few reasons why more men are shattering stereotypes and becoming nurses.

Job Stability

Fewer people in general are choosing nursing as a career. At the same time, the overall population is growing older, creating an increasing demand for nurses’ services such as end-of-life care and assisted living. This has resulted in a shortage in the nursing field. The shortage of nurses means that nursing is one of the few career paths that can guarantee long-term job stability, a stability that isn’t likely to subside anytime soon.

Increasing Demand

Coupled with the overall shortage of nurses is an increasing demand for male nurses in particular. Many patients appreciate having a nurse of the same gender caring for them, especially during certain procedures and exams. Furthermore, the healthcare field involves a lot of heavy lifting, whether lifting patients or moving heavy machinery. This demand for male nurses means that they have access to competitive salaries, which is especially appealing for men with families.

Diversity of Specialization Options

Nursing is also a field with a lot of room for advancement and specialization. Experienced nurses have more opportunities to gain more responsibilities (and, subsequently, a pay raise), including training new nurses or taking on management positions. Those who obtain a higher degree than RN’s are likely to move up in their field. Nursing also provides the opportunity to train for more specialized fields that can appeal more to men, such as anesthesiology or psychiatry. No two nurses are alike, and this is a field that lets workers pursue their passions.

Rewarding Work

Though the work can be high-stress and demanding, at the end of the day, nursing is about saving lives and providing patients with compassionate, quality care. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing that your work actively makes people’s lives better. For male nurses, another part of the reward is breaking gender stereotypes. Compassion and taking care of others isn’t just for women, it is a human trait.

In short, men have many reasons to enter into the nursing field despite the gender imbalance. The shortage of nurses in general and demand for male nurses specifically guarantees job stability and a competitive salary, advancement and specialization options are numerous, and they get to participate in the challenging yet rewarding work of saving lives.

Harper Harmon is a freelance writer and blogger who focuses on business, health and other various topics. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication from UCLA and currently reside in Santa Cruz with her dog, Sassy.

Disclaimer: The viewpoint expressed in this article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the viewpoint of the owners or employees at Healthcare Staffing Innovations, LLC.