6 Cosmetic Procedures That Require a Specialist

Specific surgical procedures require the skill and expertise of a doctor in a particular field of medicine. For example, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) is done by a rhinoplasty surgeon. This surgical procedure is serious business, and patients should never attempt to have it performed by anyone who is not an expert. Here are six cosmetic procedures that require training and expertise.

 Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) removes excess skin and fat from the upper and lower lids of the eyes. When done correctly, it can reduce the bags under your eyes and give you a more youthful appearance. You must find an experienced surgeon who can perform the procedure safely and effectively without causing damage to surrounding tissue or nerves.


Botox is an FDA-approved prescription medication for cosmetic use that temporarily paralyzes facial muscles. It treats moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet around the eyes, and wrinkles in the forehead. As with any other cosmetic procedure, risks are involved. Because of this, you want to ensure you’re getting the best possible treatment.

 Mole Removal

Mole removal is a great way for individuals to not only remove cancerous growth but to gain more confidence in their appearance. For some, moles are not life-threatening but are a blemish that they’d prefer to remove. This procedure requires expert care and needs to be performed by an experienced specialist.


Liposuction is a procedure that removes excess fat from areas of the body. The doctor makes small incisions in the skin. A thin tube called a cannula is inserted into the incision. The cannula is used to suck out the fat through a tube that connects to a vacuum pump.

Liposuction requires extensive training and experience to perform safely, efficiently, and consistently. A board-certified plastic surgeon will have undergone additional training in liposuction and other cosmetic procedures, such as tummy tucks or breast augmentation.

 Breast enhancement

Breast enhancement is a procedure that can be done in several different ways. The most common procedure is breast augmentation, which involves the placement of implants. Breast reduction surgery is also performed but is less common than augmentation. Specialists can help determine if this surgery is safe for you based on your medical history and health status.


While a general plastic surgeon can perform facelift surgery, it is most often done by a facial plastic surgeon. Facial plastic surgeons have specialized training in this field and have completed additional training in cosmetic procedures. Facelifts are commonly performed with older patients, and this requires special care.

 Cosmetic procedures aren’t always easy to perform and can take an experienced professional to get the best results. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, talk to your doctor first. From there, make sure to find a specialist who can perform your exact procedure with care and precision.

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