4 Careers for Tech Geeks in Healthcare

If you love technology and spending your day solving problems with computers, then it’s likely you’re wondering what of the many careers available you should be involved in. Many immediately jump to thinking that tech geeks will take up a career in the field of gaming or something similar. The truth is that there are many careers in healthcare that are perfect for you.

Cardiovascular Tech

Also known as a CVT, a cardiovascular tech works to input catheterizations into a person’s arteries. This is done to assist patients who have blockages and potential heart disease. With advanced technology, you’ll get to view and diagnose heart problems in real-time. Also, the equipment will be used to repair heart issues for patients. Cardiovascular Tech jobs do require a license or certificate, which usually requires passing an examination and finishing an accredited two-year cardiovascular technology program.

Healthcare IT

There are various jobs available within the healthcare IT niche. Medical coding solutions techs, database administration specialists, implementation specialists, network administrators, and systems management techs are just some of the many that you’ll find. Since there has been a growing demand for security in the medical records field with the passing of the HITECH Act, you can be assured that you’ll have a long-lasting career in this medical field.


If you think that x-rays are awesome, then reading them to diagnose patient conditions may just be for you. As a radiologist, you’ll specialize in diagnosing conditions like tumors, fractures, heart problems, cancers, and brain conditions. You’ll get to deal with various scanning machines. The best part is that radiologists are one of the highest paying physician jobs and you can likely work remotely due to the digital technology available in this field. Radiologists usually need to complete a bachelor’s degree and graduate from medical school before passing a state licensing exam and completing an internship and residency radiology program. There are also additional exams to become board-certified and optional specialization fellowships.

Medical Lab Technician

If you love working around equipment, then the medical lab is the place for you. These individuals work in the health field, however, they have very little interaction with patients. They spend most of their time operating medical lab equipment. Some examples of equipment that you might be operating include a high-powered microscope and centrifuge. You’ll be utilizing this technological equipment to complete tests that determine a patient’s diagnosis.

There are various careers for technology whizzes that are now available in the healthcare field. The above are just four of the many that you can choose from. There is so much technology out there to aid in the diagnosis, repair, and tracking of patient health that there is a growing demand for persons who are capable of understanding and utilizing the technology. Now is a great time for a tech geek to jump into the healthcare industry.

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