The 10 Fastest Growing Jobs in Healthcare

Each year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics releases their Occupational Outlook Handbook, highlighting the hundreds of different jobs across the United States, as well as offering predictions for which occupations will see the most growth and most new jobs. This year, ten jobs in healthcare made the list of the top twenty occupations expected to see the most growth through 2026—not just in healthcare, but overall. See what they are below, as well as where they ranked, their growth rate, and their median salary.

Home Health Aides

Growth Rankings: 1st in Healthcare, 3rd Overall
Growth Rate: 47%
Median Annual Salary: $24,200

Personal Care Aides

Growth Rankings: 2nd in Healthcare, 4th Overall
Growth Rate: 39%
Median Annual Salary: $24,020

Physician Assistants

Growth Rankings: 3rd in Healthcare, 5th Overall
Growth Rate: 37%
Median Annual Salary: $108,610

Nurse Practitioners

Growth Rankings: 4th in Healthcare, 6th Overall
Growth Rate: 36%
Median Annual Salary: $107,030

Physical Therapist Assistants

Growth Rankings: 5th in Healthcare, 8th Overall
Growth Rate: 31%
Median Annual Salary: $58,040

Physical Therapist Aides

Growth Rankings: 6th in Healthcare, 11th Overall
Growth Rate: 29%
Median Annual Salary: $26,240

Medical Assistants

Growth Rankings: 7th in Healthcare, 13th Overall
Growth Rate: 29%
Median Annual Salary: $33,610

Genetic Counselors

Growth Rankings: 8th in Healthcare, 14th Overall
Growth Rate: 29%
Median Annual Salary: $80,370

Occupational Therapy Assistants

Growth Rankings: 9th in Healthcare, 15th Overall
Growth Rate: 29%
Median Annual Salary: $60,220

Physical Therapists

Growth Rankings: 10th in Healthcare, 17th Overall
Growth Rate: 28%
Median Annual Salary: $87,930

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