Five Healthcare and Nursing Jobs You Can Do at Home

from Inquisitr

Work-at-home jobs are all the rage right now, but if you’re a nurse or other healthcare worker, you probably think working from home isn’t an option for you. Guess again, because there are more and more healthcare and nursing jobs being introduced for those who want to or need to work at home.

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    Gloria Aviles

    This is one of the reason I don’t like to look for jobs online. You can never have access to speak to anyone that can give you more information about the jobs and what to do. There is three comments before mine and the automated system just answered the same thing that is program to answered. I would think that it would be more productive if someone physically answers and give more information so we don’t have to read about it.
    I have gone through so many sites like this one, applied online, load my resume and no one relevant to my skills had ever contacted me. It’s always someone that want me to start my own business always calling! If I’m looking for a job it mean I don’t have any money, how do they think I can start my own business?

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